A downloadable game for Windows

It's a little known fact baseball players make up to 90% of the worlds alien abductions. However, the conspiracy remains safe because most baseball hitters are very skilled at keeping their team safe & alien probe free.

Click where you want your hitter to aim for. Only one ball can be on the screen at a time. Hint – if you aim past your desired hit point, you can hit multiple alien craft at the same time.

Install instructions

PC only, mouse control, .exe included.


Pitch Invaders.exe 9 MB


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Thanks and well done on your win, I know the prizes will be used to inspire more dvelopers :)

Hi aenever, thank you for your comments and congratulations on your game, i really enjoyed it and i hope the updates go smoothly. Good luck and great job :)

I've recentrly updated the graphics in 'Pitch Invaders' to look more pixelated, I've also sped up the baseball by 10 thanks to the suggestion from ogspicy. I'm tempted to upload the file, yet I don't want it to be confused with my original entry. As soon as the comp is over I'll update my file with a 'Pitch Invaders' Pixel Edition. Cool entries everyone, this comp has been super inspirational.